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Speciale producten


We have a lot of special product for weddings; for instance there is the caricature of the couple that’s going to get married framed in a large passepartout so guests can write a special message or put their signature on it. You can put at least a hundred signatures on the passepartout. Much more fun to look at than the traditionl guest-book. The offer is combined with the caricature type 2.

Are you looking for something more special than a corsage?

What to think of a button with the caricature of the married couple on it? Great to remember a special day afterwards. You can order them a piece, but if you order 50 buttons or more you will get a discount.

In a minute a cartoon tells what is meant!

Harold not only draws caricatures, he also is a great cartoonist. During sessions of brainstorming, a meeting or a seminar, Harolds draws cartoons in his own special style. Afterwards you will have a great impression in cartoons to remember the discussions. Of course it’s also possible to order one or more cartoons to complete your brochure or website. Please send an email to and we will give you a detailed offer.

Specific details?

Wheter you are part of a company or as a private person; we will take care of all of your special details you want us to draw. Do you have a great idea that cannot be found on our website? Or can’t you find the right frame for the caricature? Tell us, so we can tyr to find a solution to get the a great gift!


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