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Frequently asked questions


How to order and pay for my caricature? Step-by-step.
First choose the type of caricature you want on our website.
Fill in the online-orderform and send us one (or two) good pictures by e-mail (jpeg).
You will receive our confirmation including the costs.
You can transfer the amount to our bank account by Ideal or by standard bank money transfer in euros.
You will receive your caricature by e-mail within 10 working days.
(*standard delivery time after we have received your payment; faster delivery possible on demand)


I don’t have access to e-mail, can I send the picture by mail? Yes you can. It will take some more time and we cannot guarantee you to return your pictures


Which types are there to choose from?
Type 1 PORTRAIT is a digital sketch of the person’s head, drawn from a picture. The caricature will be send to you
by e-mail.
Type 2 PERSON is a digital sketch of the head and (a part of) the body plus 1 hobby or sport added.
Type 3 TOTAL is a very colourfull drawing of the head, (part of) the body and some hobbies, sports or
characteristic details.
Type 4 PREMIUM is a high quality drawing with several details and characteristics plus a matching background to
complete the picture.
All types can be professionally framed and delivered to you by special services. –additional costs-


Is it possible to combine several caricatures in one drawing?
Yes, 2, 3 or 4 persons can be drawn together in one drawing. Of course the costs will be higher (and sometimes the size of the drawing has to be enlarged). Please look for details in our pricelist.
Group caricatures (5 persons or more) are possible on special request. You can ask for an offer that will suit you.


I do have a special request for my caricature, is that possible?
The-sky-is-the-limit! We are glad to add that special and personal touch. Contact us to see how we can
fulfill your wishes.


Can I have a sneak preview on my order?
Yes, you can ask for a sketch. This will be presented to you by e-mail offering you the opportunity to give us your feed back and remarks.
Additional costs: 35 euro


Can I have confidence in the creative quality of the caricature I ordered? A good photograph with strong resemblance is our starting point. (E.g. the colour of eyes and hair has to be very clear.) All caricatures are drawn by outstanding and experienced sketch artists. On our website you can see many examples of caricatures in their specific styles. You can always add some description of the person to your order giving the sketch artists a more complete view on the person that has to be drawn.


I am not completely satisfied with the resemblance of the caricature, what can I do?
Our drawing is based on the photograph(s) you send us; we don’t know the person. That can be a problem when judging the resemblance of the caricature. You will compare our work with the person you know, but we can guarantee you that our caricature can be compared with the picture you send us. Therefore it is really important to provide a good quality, recent picture to us and (if you wish) add a precise description of the person. Alterations afterwards are NOT possible! Suggestion: Choose for the extra possibility of a sneak preview.


Can the caricature be reproduced in high quality? Every type of caricature comes with its own specs:
Type 1 in 800x600 pixels, 72 dpi(= dots per inch). Suitable for use on a screen and high quality printing up to DIN A5-size (148x210mm, 5.8 x 8.3 inches).
Type 2 in 1200x800 pixels, 72 dpi. For screen use or high quality printing up to A4-size (210x297mm, 8.3 x 11.7 inches).
Type 3 in 1600x1200 pixels, 150dpi. For screen use or very high quality prints up to A3-size (420x297mm,
16.6 x 11.7 inches). Type 4 in 2400x1600 pixels, 300dpi. For screen use or top quality prints up to A3-size (420x297mm,
16.6 x 11.7 inches). The results as A2-prints (594x420mm, 23.4 x 16.6 inches) are fine.


Are the caricatures drawn by an advanced computer program?
No, all caricatures are drawn by skilled professional sketch artists on a digital drawing tablet using state-ot-the-art software.


What do you need to know about the copyrights on the caricatures? It is forbidden to sell, rent or publish the caricatures or use them for any commercial purpose; private use is never a problem.


What frames are available for my caricature? Types 1 and 2 can be framed in a large variety of frames and cadres. Please see the frames page at this website Types 3 and 4 can be framed on request (with additional costs) in our standard frame (natural wood) or in a painted wooden frame


Can I have my framed caricature also as a digital jpeg-file? Yes, on your request we send you the digital file by e-mail.


Can I have my caricature printed on one of the products in the gift shop? We offer printing your caricature on a T-shirt, a bag, a mouse pad, a button badge or a mug. See our gift shop for our gifts and presents or visit our store in Eindhoven.


Can I obtain an extra reproduction of my framed caricature or shop product? Of course, you can have as many as you want. Please contact us for an estimation.


When I compare the prices with the other caricaturists on the internet Harold is rather expensive, am I right?
Quality never comes cheap. We are no discount drawers. We deliver fine quality for matching costs. So paying a little more (perhaps) means getting a much nicer result. Just look at all examples on our website or at our other website . .


How can we pay for our caricature?
Everyone can make a payment using iDEAL or Paypal. Or we send you an invoice by mail; payment within 2 weeks.


Is it safe to order and pay a caricature at Yes, totally. All transactions are handled by TripleDeal ( using a secured and controlled connection.


I have paid already, when can I have my caricature? We start drawing your caricature as soon as we have the confirmation of your payment of TripleDeal. Attention: Confirmation may take 10 days so if you want to speed it up, call us!


How do I receive the caricature I ordered? By e-mail or (in case you ordered it printed and framed) by special delivery on the address you provided.

21Can I pay by invoice after I have received my caricature? Only official representatives of companies and organizations registered at a local Chamber of Commerce can receive an invoice for payment after delivery. Remember we charge 9 euros extra for handling. If you like to receive an invoice, please contact us before ordering.

Do you draw caricatures on location? Of course, it belongs to our core business. See for more details on our website:

Are there still any questions?
Just ask us!


Our business conditions 

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