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How to order a caricature?

How to order a caricature?

Open choose shop. Now you can select one of the 4 types of caricatures, just a portrait, a portrait with a body, also the surroundings or a very detailled caricature, aribrush stijl. In the next form you can specify the order, for instance a portrait with an extra (wine, sport etc)or at type 2 an extra hobby. Choose: the amount of people, a phrame or just digital file, the delivery time (extra costs) and click here.

At the next page you can choose to have your caricature printed on a mug, apron, just an A4 or A3 print or one of the many other products we have.

Then click here and you will be asked to upload a picture of each person, give additional information and after this click, add.

Control the uploaded picture and confirm. Now you will arrive at the page to make the payment. (paypal of ideal)

After given all details for the payment you will have to confirm the order again. After the confirmation you will receive an email with an ordernumber. If you need to give us further information or other pictures, please use this confirmation email to reply and put pictures in the attachment. In this way we can add the information to the order.

What is happening at the studio?

If the order is received we will control the pictures. Be sure the colour of the eyes and hair is visible. If we have a problem with the picture we can ask you to send another one, but this can give problems with the delivery time.

And then we will start drawing!!!

Depending on the sort of caricature sometimes a very fast or a very intensive job!!!

And what if the caricature is ready?

If the caricature is finished, it will be send by email, to the address you've given us. After this we will see if you've ordered additional products.

We produce these extra products in our own shop.
Mugs will be in a special oven and the T-shirts will be made in a special press.

And last but not least:

We will send the gift you've ordered. After wrapping it carefully we will give the parcel an address-label. heck the information of the address you give us very careful, so there will be no problem to deliver the parcel. Depending of the kind of parcel it will be send by post or courier.

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