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Sketchartist live performances everywhere

Harold or one of his colleagues can attend your event, exhibition or congress.

Your guests will be drawn live in a hilarious way. Printing on the spot and framing, is no problem.

We are equipped to produce button badges, mugs and T-shirt swiftly at your location.

In this way we offer your guest a funny personalized gift. On our website the caricatures

drawn are also downloadable by your guests afterwards.

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As a professional performing artist Harold is a member of the NCN. This international operating, non-profit organization treasures the ancient art of drawing caricatures. Sketch artists from all over the world keep in contact with each other, being a NCN-member.

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NL-streets promotes the most interesting shopping streets in Holland. Specific shops can be found on their site. Harold’s cartoon|gallery|shop on the Kleine Berg 49 in Eindhoven is well known at NL-streets.

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TheMagicTouch GmbH developed several techniques for printing on demand.All using digital pictures and state-of-the-art machinery. A worldwide network is at your service for advice, printing machines and products.

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Professional studio and agency for communication and marketing. Our partner in graphic design, special products and web design.

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