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Wooden frame 20 x 25 cm

To frame this type of caricature, we offer different kind of frames. Wooden, natural or coloured frames, or extra decorated. On the online orderform, they will all be available with a picture.

Wooden frame  30 x 40 cm

The frame for this caricature can be a frame of wood (light-coloured) or an exclusive silver-coloured, modern, frame. It will be completed with a passepartout and send to you by courier.


Siver-coloured frame 40 x 50 cm

The frame of theis caricature is silver-coloured (wood). It matches in every room and will be combined with a passepartout. You can choose the colour of the passepartout, for example the colour of the company logo can be used. You can also let us choose. Please give us your wishes in the order. Delivery will be taken care of by courier.


Special frames

If you need a special frame please contact us and tell us what you want

We can find the frame for you and give you a quote. The passepartout and a if wanted, amessing inscribed plate will complete your caricature. This will be a very special gift!! Please give us your special wishes and we will contact you by email.

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